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Finally, The Truth About Striking Out

Ahhh, the power of perspective. It’s all about perspective, isn’t it… how YOU see the world. Because, how you see the world is how the world IS for you. Let me share a story that illustrates this point… A little boy was playing in his backyard with his bat and ball. He was full of […]

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What Reality Did You Inherit?

What if life really is closer to “The Matrix” than we dare admit? Think about it… Everything you experience on a day to day basis from the job you have… to the computer you use… to the neighborhood you live in… to the clothes you wear…  was created by someone who isn’t you. Even the […]

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Do You Really Remember What You Think You Remember?

Wouldn’t it be fun today to get a glimpse into a new possibility? Wouldn’t it be eye-opening to see the world a little more powerfully by the time you finish reading this email? Can’t you see the benefit of having more certainty about why you see the world the way you see it? And won’t […]

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