The Missing Link in the Law of the Harvest

It would be impossible for me to tell you accurately how many times I’ve heard a guru… or pastor… or speaker… or author talk about the “Law of the Harvest”.

I’ve lost count.

People love to talk about sowing and they love to talk about reaping.

And yet, very few talk about the third fundamental part of the harvest process.

Now, I find this very strange because it’s just as important as the sowing and the reaping.

Understand, it’s not more important than sowing or reaping and it’s not less important than sowing and reaping… it’s just the third part.

And just like with the sowing and with the reaping, without this third part of the law of the harvest, the sowing is wasted and the reaping never happens.

Before I share this third part of the harvesting process, let’s review the basic facts that make up the Law of the Harvest:

Law of the Harvest

  1. You will reap what you sow – plant apple seeds, you’ll get apple trees.
  2. You will reap later than you sow – growing takes time.
  3. You will reap more than you sow – it’s worth the wait.

The truth hiding in plain sight in these three statements of the Law of the Harvest is that there is a time when you aren’t doing anything except waiting.

Once you prepare and sow, there’s some maintenance to be done but for the most part, the success or failure of the harvest… especially as the size of your land expands (that’s a whole ‘nother lesson there)… is largely out of your control.

You see, I think we like to talk about the sowing and the reaping because it’s easy to put sowing and reaping on a to-do list. It’s also easy to cross off of a to-do list.

However, waiting and trusting are not exactly checklist items.

All right, maybe you’re saying to your self, “Self, this makes sense but I’m not sure where Sean is going with this one. I mean I get it… but how does this show up in my life?”

As usual, Champion, you ask great questions (I really love having such an insightful reader like you in my corner).

Where were we?

Ah yes… how does this apply to my life and to your life?


Imagine you spent the day prepping the soil, checking the weather, getting rid of weeds… all that stuff… then you planted your favorite crop.

You just sowed your little tail off and you feel great.

You go to bed KNOWING that a harvest is coming.

So the next morning you spring from bed and see that despite all your research and study and actually doing the work, NOTHING popped up out of the ground over night!

You chalk it up to a bad day or circumstance or whatever and you give it “one more day” before you call off this whole sowing and reaping thing as one big scam.

Uh oh… you know what happens the next morning, right?


I mean like nothing happens.

Is the Law of the Harvest broken?

Is this some kind of cruel joke?

Is God a cosmic kill-joy just out to make your life miserable?

No, no and no.

You see, when we focus on just what we can put on a checklist, we leave out the most powerful part of the equation… the mystery and awesomeness of our creator that makes the unseen stuff in our lives do what it does.

Now I don’t know about you, but that gets me excited.

Because if I had to remember and focus on the actual growing and nourishing and telling the seed when to sprout and when to blossom and when to start turning nutrients from the soil into food… well… let’s just say it wouldn’t be nearly as incredible as it would if I just have the faith to let nature takes its course.

Please don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying make one phone call… or make one sales call… or take your wife on one date… or go to the gym one time… and then sit around and wait for God to show up and create an incredible business, and incredible marriage or an incredibly fit body.

Not saying that at all because that won’t work – even the farmer plants year after year and plants thousands of seeds to get a crop.

What I am saying is do not underestimate and appreciate what goes on unseen as you sow and wait for the harvest.

In our world of “Getting Stuff Done” and “Doing the Work” and “Checklists” and “Goal Trackers” and all that stuff… it’s easy to think it’s all about us and what we DO.

It’s easy to trick ourselves into believing that no one or no-thing else is working behind the scenes in concert with, and in direct proportion to, our efforts.

Enjoy the sowing.. enjoy the reaping… and then, give a little wink and little nod of appreciation to that force that works tirelessly on our behalf whether we acknowledge it or not.

In your corner,





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