What if FEAR Really Signaled Opportunity?


What if fear was simply a physiological response or physiological reaction to the presence of… wait for it… OPPORTUNITY?


What if fear was actually a signal in your body that opportunity was at hand and not that danger was at hand?

How would that change your life?


Now, seriously wrestle with the question above before moving on. And if you’re not willing to go back and spend at least 30 seconds really processing that question, then why even bother reading this type of blog anyway?

Are you that bored? Go watch a cat video if you want to be entertained.

This space was CREATED for CHAMPIONS who are serious about being all they were created to be… and to be THAT requires some reflection and distinction about your life… so go back and sit with the question for at least 30 seconds then come back.



OK… back at it…

How would you behave differently? (again sit with this question for at least 30 seconds)

How much bolder would you be able to be if instead of thinking of fear as a response to something that was dangerous or unsafe, it was actually a signal for you to go all in?

A signal for you to take massive action.

A signal for you to do something that had not occurred to you before as a good idea, but does now.

A signal that if you jump… NOW… you can’t lose.

Well… I believe it is possible and I believe it is what’s going on more often than not.

Here’s what I’m thinking, see if this is useful to you… if not, that’s cool… if so, apply it and never look back…

Have you considered the possibility that for most of us in our day to day lives, physical life-ending danger is limited.  

The types of fears most of face tend to be decisions like do I call a certain person…a decision to have a conversation with someone in a relationship that matters to you… a decision to launch a new business… a new product… a new service…  listening to that voice inside you that says talk to that stranger over there… visit a new church… visit a new gym… ask for more money for what you do… and on and on the examples go…

Here’s the big question…

What if fear in ‘scary’ situations was actually a stimulus for you to be taking action on that situation at that moment?

If you think about it (and even if you don’t), that’s what fear actually is.

Fear is a set of signals designed to get you moving right where you are, right then.

Even when you think about fight or flight, those responses based on fear or what we call fear, the symptoms of … They manifest themselves as fear.

For instance… increased heart rate, nervousness, anxiety, sweat trembling hands, etc. Those physiological signals are all jumbled together and called “fear”.

And “FEAR” is a word someone made up to describe a set of physical or mental reactions.

Even when you’re in danger, fear is there to signal that you need to take some type of action. Now when it’s a lion or it’s a grizzly bear, it’s pretty obvious what those actions are because the threat is big and loud and running towards you – you can see it, hear it and even feel the ground shaking beneath your feet.

In other words, the threat in the above situation is obvious and immediate.

The challenge we have in today’s society is that most of the threats we face are silent. The threats we face are mostly in our imagination. The vast majority of threats we face are manufactured or made up by us or by others who are trying to influence us.

And unfortunately (or fortunately if you are open to buying into what I’m saying in this post) the imagination creates the same physical and emotional response as the real thing. 

That’s why I’d like you to consider the possibility that what you may consider fear may actually be possibility.

Maybe… just maybe… it’s an opportunity… maybe it’s THE opportunity that gets the whole ball rolling… or rolling again.  

In your corner,


P.S. – And in case my argument wasn’t convincing, consider this from a much smarter person than me: https://youtu.be/RcGyVTAoXEU

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