You are not broken. 

You do not need fixing.

You are, right now... in this moment... a Champion -- THE Champion of your life.

You were put here with reason and with a purpose (1 Peter 4:10). And when we work together, you'll discover what that is or if you already know, you'll step into that purpose in a way you didn't even know was possible.

You will see more clearly what already exists inside you. You will see more possibility for you. You will RISE UP and be the CHAMPION you were created to be in every area of your life.

You will move beyond success and into living a life of significance - The Champion's Life.

Powerful, life altering coaching is about claiming possibility; not repair... about conquering the present; not dwelling on the past... about creating the future; not worrying about it.  

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As I much as I love and am committed to my 1-on-1 clients I also am committed to reaching tens of thousands with the life transforming message to "Be The CHAMPION You Were Created To Be -- in EVERY area of life."

One way I share this message is through a unique approach to speaking I call Conversations from Stage™.  Conversations from Stage™ intentionally enroll your attendees in whatever it is YOU are up to in a powerful way that creates possibility and transformation. ​Your message will be skillfully woven into the context of one of three powerful conversations: 

Conversation #1 - How to Stoke the FIRE of the Champion's Life - A no-nonsense, systematic daily process for increasing success in the four key areas of life (Fitness, Identity, Relationships, and Enterprises) without sacrificing significance. In fact, by harnessing the power and simplicity of this system, you (and your team) could achieve success and significance.

Conversation #2 - How To Walk Through The World With Personal Power and Poise - What the world's most successful people understand and how they use the 3 Phases of Power to bend the universe to their will... without alienating those that matter most.  ​

Fees and Availability Upon Request.