“Step Away From the Luggage”

My wife and I are headed to Hawaii next month.

And recently, we bought some new luggage to take
on the trip.

I’m so excited.

I can’t wait to take this new luggage with us everywhere
we go. It’s got wheels and one of those pull out handles
so it’ll be easier to maneuver through the restaurants.

I need to double check to see if they’re waterproof for the
day we’re planning on snorkeling.

Hmmm… I wonder if the trail up Diamond Head is paved?

Oh well, if not no big deal, we’ve got the handles to drag
the luggage along even if the wheels aren’t really working.

I’m meeting a friend who owns a strength training facility
in Oahu where we’ll be and I can’t wait to take my suitcase
to his gym for training.

What’s that?

You want to know why I’m carrying my luggage everywhere?

Why don’t I just leave it in my room?

Hmmm… you mean just leave it there… in the room?

But it’s my luggage.

I bought it.

I’ll pack it.

I’ll put in the car, drive it to the airport, put little tags on it
so it will arrive safely. I’ll pick it up, put it in the rental car,
carry it into the hotel… why wouldn’t I carry it with me
everywhere I go?

What’s that?

You say that’s ridiculous? What do you mean that’s not the
purpose of luggage?

All right… All right… all right… enough of that.

Sounds ludicrous, right?

Here’s the thing, Champion…

Everyday I talk to someone who refuses to let go of their

They carry it everywhere and they are sooooo proud of it,
even while they struggle to carry it with them.

Their luggage may be guilt over a divorce, could be low
self esteem from being overweight, might be grief from
losing a loved one.

None of these things… guilt, low-self-esteem, grief… are
bad in and of themselves. For instance…

— Guilt can be a warning sign that maybe your priorities are
out of whack.
— Low self esteem could be pointing to a very real issue you
need to address.

— And grief is part of the human experience when we lose someone.

Still, any of these things when held too long become burdens
instead of tools.

Luggage is great. It’s a nice, neat little box to get a week’s worth
of my stuff from one place to another.

Imagine trying to gather all that stuff in your suitcase in your
arms and then get from where you are to where you are trying
to go.

Not pretty. Pretty hysterical, but not pretty.

So here’s what I’d like you to consider today, Champion:

What are you carrying around that is no longer useful to be

What stories, guilts, preconceptions, bad advice, “shoulds”,
“shouldn’ts”, beliefs, worries, etc., are you carrying around
that you simply need to leave “back in the room”?

Maybe they even served a purposes at some point in your life to
get you through a journey you had to make.

Where are you carrying luggage in your FITNESS that you need
to set down and unpack?

For me it was the story that I could outwork my nutrition and that
I could continue to pound the candy and sodas with no effects as
long as I continued to workout.For a season, this was a good thing because it kept me working out
even when I might of quit…. it got me further on my journey of
overall fitness.

Now, I’ve set that down. I gave that luggage to a bellhop in the form
of hiring a nutritionist so that I can enjoy the destination; not just the trip.

What’s your fitness burden and how could you set it down today?

Where are you dragging luggage in your personal or spiritual IDENTITY?

For me, I carry around a really heavy suitcase of self doubt that I’m
not good enough to share the message that I’ve been called to
share… that I need more. So I carry a really big suitcase around so
I’l hopefully have what I need when I need it.I’m learning to set that down too and just trust that the moment
and just what I have with me is more than enough to fully enjoy
the excursion I’m on right then.

What would it take for you to set down your extra suticase and
“leave it in the room” so you can fully enjoy the next excursion of
your life?

Where are you lugging around an extra bag in your RELATIONSHIPS?

For me, I carried around a lot of expectations for how I’d like my
son to be. I expected him to have it all together (like I did at 21 – HA!).I’ve been learning to set those very heavy expectations down and just
be ok with him figuring out his life. The thing about expectations is
that it’s like I’m forcing him to help me carry my bag around… and it’s
not even his stuff!

So where in your relationships are you carrying an extra bag or two
and refusing to leave those bags in the room… or even finally unpack
them and put them in the attic?

Finally, where are you carrying around your suitcase in your personal
or professional ENTERPRISES?

For me, I carried the story that it’s “better” to work smart than work hard.
I let my ego that I was a smart person keep me from working hard…
because I was somehow above all that. Talk about Ego… it’s been an
expensive lesson.Setting that down looks like working hard at working smart. Not
getting caught in the 24/7 hustle dogma popular right now in my world;
instead, working hard to create systems and processes that allow
me to serve all those, like you, I am called to serve.

For you it might be the story that you don’t really need to become
a master at your business… or that you don’t need systems… or that
you don’t have to really measure the numbers.

Where in your enterprise can you put down some luggage?

WHEW!…This message kinda took on a life of it’s own.

I know this is meant for someone and if we’re honest, it’s meant for
anyone who stumble across it.

Feel free to share, forward, link to… whatever… this message.

And I’d love to know…

What are you carrying around, why and when will you set it down?

Hit the comments and let me know.

In your corner,

Sean “Coach” McCool

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