Born March 1971

Lives in Knoxville, TN USA

Married to Tamara since 1993

Two Children: Dustin, Sydney

University of Georgia

US ARMY - Fort Myer, VA - The Old Guard

Master Life Coach, Successful Businessman and Entrepreneur


Partner to the world’s greatest clients

​I believe there is a Champion in all of us. 

I believe there are no "extra" humans on this planet. 

I believe each of us was put here to do good works (Eph 2:10) and that each of us has been given a special gift that we are to use to engage, equip and empower others (1 Peter 4:10). 

I believe that through timeless principles we can call out to the Champion within and summon him or her to RISE UP so that we can BE ALL WE WERE CREATED TO BE -- IN EVERY AREA OF LIFE... Fitness... Identity... Relationships... and Enterprises..., ie. the F.I.R.E. of life. 

I believe this for two reasons:

One... It's my story. I'm just an average guy whose figured out how to live an above average life -- an integrated, harmonized life. And if I can, anyone can. And if anyone can, then you can. 

Two... As noted above, the Bible tells me so. 

Our entire life matters to God... not just our spiritual life... our whole earthly existence matters to God or He wouldn't have put us here. 

And until you and I learn to BE ALL we were created to be - in every area of life - we will walk around with a powerlessness that was never meant to be. 

So what is my story and how do I know this to be true?

For the first 40 years of my life I was humbled and tested. I wandered never stepping into the promise of why I was created... never embracing the good works I was called to do... never fully stepping into the power of the gifts I was given to engage, equip and empower others. 

However, over my life I never doubted that our lives are meant to be more than just work or just play or just family or just spiritual. 

It took me a whole lot of failures and struggle but I found a pattern in my life that allowed me to go from powerlessness to yielding a power that completely changed my life... a power that allowed me to begin creating wealth in every area of life (Deut Ch. 8). 

And I believe you too can move from that feeling (not reality) of powerlessness in one, two, three, and maybe even all four areas of life... to a life of power in ALL areas. 

It's a simple three part process:

CONQUER TODAY (the present)
CREATE TOMORROW (the future)

Embedded in these three steps are 7 Principles for Living The Champion's Life. Principles I believe allow anyone to go from the life they have now to the life they've always wanted (and are called to live) but never knew how to "make it happen". 

Listen, if a guy with a list of failures a mile long can be used by God to engage, equip and empower others, then you too have a special gift you can employ to serve others. 

Please take some time to look around the site... read a few of the blog posts... and if you're ready to begin creating your unique version of The Champion's Life™ then grab one of the free resources on the site.

What can you expect if you begin this journey with me?

Fair question. I was interviewed for an article on Business Innovators Magazine. In that interview, I summed up what it means to work with me. You can check that out here

But let me sum it up with this three part answer to "what I do":

My solution is three fold:

One, I engage with you around possibilities you’ve likely never experienced before. Powerful, life altering possibilities that forever changes how you see the world and more importantly how you see yourself.

The result: you learn to trust themselves at a deeper level than ever before.

Two, I equip you with skills and tools to move you forward in all 4 key areas of life – fitness, identity, relationships and enterprises.

The result: you begin to behave with a new boldness.

Three, I empower you through courses, group, and one on one coaching to take consistent action towards creating your unique version of The Champions Life™.

The result: you begin to give generously of yourself in every area of life – holding nothing back because you know the power of giving (and therefore living) in the moment.

If you can get committed to those results, Champion, then we should get to know each other. So take a look around and then get in touch with me in whatever way makes sense for you right now. 

In your corner,

Sean "Coach" McCool

P.S. - For more on the services I offer to help you become a champion, click here

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