Finally, The Truth About Striking Out

Ahhh, the power of perspective.

It’s all about perspective, isn’t it… how YOU see the world.

Because, how you see the world is how the world IS for you.

Let me share a story that illustrates this point…

A little boy was playing in his backyard with his bat
and ball. He was full of hope and possibility. 

He strolled out there to the middle of the yard stood
still and said, “I’m the greatest ball player in the world.”

Then he threw the ball up took a swing with his bat… and

Undaunted, he picks up the ball and once again proudly
states, “I am the greatest player ever!”

Again he throws up the ball, takes a swing… and again

He paused just a moment eyed the bat and ball while
once again proclaiming, “I AM the greatest player ever!”

With two strikes he tossed the ball… swung the bat and
sure enough… he missed. Strike three. 

It was then that little boy just smiled and said, “Man, I did
not know I could pitch like that!”

You see Champion in any given situation, you get to
determine how you see that situation. That’s a big part of
generating your own power.

Listen, if you’re online and if you’re taking the time to read this,
then that means you know deep down  that you have what
it takes to be “the world’s greatest player”… all you are
missing is the perspective to do something with it.

Because here’s the truth…

You are a Champion… let me clarify that… you are
THE champion of YOUR life. There’s no competition
but yourself.

Let me say that again so you don’t walk right past it:

For your life… there is no competition but yourself. 

That’s why I KNOW you can RISE UP and be the
CHAMPION God created you to be.

God did not make any spare humans. We all have
a special part to play while we are here. (1 Peter 4:10)

And like the boy with the bat and the ball, you get to
choose if the chumpion in you is going to run your
life… or… if the Champion in you is going be allowed
to come out and play. Your choice.

My job… why I’m here… is to remind you of that truth
day after day after day till I die.


In your corner,

Sean “Coach” McCool

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