Do You Really Remember What You Think You Remember?

Wouldn’t it be fun today to get a glimpse into a new possibility?

Wouldn’t it be eye-opening to see the world a little more powerfully by the time you finish reading this email?

Can’t you see the benefit of having more certainty about why you see the world the way you see it?

And won’t it be incredible to begin applying this new knowledge so that you begin to experience The Champion’s Life even more fully today than yesterday… and even more fully tomorrow than today?

If so, then you are going to love today’s idea.



What if I told you that you don’t remember what you think you remember?

Let me explain…

The other day, I was going through some old photos in a photo album my mom had put together.

And as I turned the page, I remembered the photo.

It was a picture of me with my step-sisters at the wedding where their dad and my mom were getting married.

Perhaps you have a picture in an album that you remember?

Or maybe as you occasionally flip back through the pictures on your phone you recognize a picture?

Or maybe you remember posting a picture to Facebook when it comes back around on Facebook memories a year or two later.

I want you to think of one of those pictures now.

Got it?


Now as you hold that picture in your mind, I want to finish sharing my story with you about that picture from the picture album. I also want to share a wake up call I had as I realized something life-changing about that picture.

What I realized about that picture in that album is this…

I remember the picture in the album MORE than I remember the actual event.

Let me say that again so you don’t miss it because I don’t think I’m alone in this…

I remember remembering the picture sitting there in the album more than I remember remembering the actual moment in time.

In fact, I can’t say that I remember anything about that day other than the handful of snapshots in that album.

In other words, I was not remembering the moment, I was remembering the picture of the moment.

Said another way, my memories were devolving.

Interesting, yes?

Here’s why this is so important to understand… here is the possibility for you, Champion…

Most of us, if we are not fully awake to the present, base our decisions on the memories of the past. That is, we make judgements about how the future will be based on what we believe we experienced in the past.

The problem is, most of us have very little real grasp on what happened to us in the past in the way that it ACTUALLY happened.

We have pictures in our mind of what we think happened and yet we often have piled on layer after layer of story on top of that moment.

Here’s the problem…

Using that snapshot of what happened leaves out the full range and texture of the moment. We forget the details that made that moment that moment.

And that’s fine.

The problem begins when we try to bring that snapshot of time past into the decision making of today and then use that to create a new future.

My point is, our memories are always devolving.

And to try and live from devolved memories simply doesn’t work when you want to create a new future.

The bigger possibility for your life is to simply create new each morning.

Our work together is to transform your life… not simply improve it.

To have you RISE UP and BE the CHAMPION you were created to BE in the NOW. Today.

And the ancient texts tell us that the secret to being transformed is the renewing of our minds. The result, according to the text, of this renewing of the mind is that you will be able to understand what your creator has planned for you.

It’s tough to renew if you are using old stories and ever-devolving images from the past.


Because it is inaccurate and incomplete information.

So what do you DO with this knowledge?

After all, as one of my mentors shared with me, “Knowledge is what you know; wisdom is what you do with what you know.”

So, let’s do this to drive the point home… to move this beyond knowledge to wisdom…


Look through some old photos on your phone or in an old photo album and see if you remember that actual moment or if you simply are remembering the picture.

The way you can test yourself is to try and remember what was going on around you in that snapshot of a moment as well as what happened just before that snapshot and just after.

If you can’t get a full moving picture of the 5 minutes before and after that snapshot, that’s ok. It’s normal.

And it proves that making decisions on what we think happened in the past may not be the best use of our brain’s remarkable ability to create.

Go ahead and look through some old pics now.

Feel free to let me know in the comments below what you discover.

In your corner,


P.S. – I think there is a very healthy reason our memories devolve. I believe if we could remember everything we’ve been through, it would paralyze to move forward. As a human being, you are an overcomer. And if you truly remembered all you’ve been through, you’d be paralyzed to move forward. So do the exercise mentioned above and rejoice in the fact that we are so wonderfully made that we can create a new future without needing to drag the past along with us.

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Sweetie! - Monday

The stories we attach to memories are powerful. Many of them not even related to what actually was happening at the time, but from a perspective told by someone else or from a limited perspective of our own. I remember feeling so very over weight in high school in a picture where I weighed maybe 115 at 5’5″. My perspective was shaped by an adult who constantly told me how “not enough” I was. Four decades later that picture represents something entirely different to me. Our thoughts are powerful, our stories we tell ourselves more so…time to begin from a different perspective…one that allows all that we are to be.

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