What Reality Did You Inherit?

What if life really is closer to “The Matrix” than we dare admit?

Think about it…

Everything you experience on a day to day basis from the job you have… to the computer you use… to the neighborhood you live in… to the clothes you wear…  was created by someone who isn’t you.

Even the way you do most of the things you do are more a product of those who raised you than of your own choosing.

In other words, you inherited your reality.


“Inherited our reality” is a phrase I heard on a podcast yesterday as I was staining the back deck. And it really hit me…. not the deck… the phrase.

You see, we like to think we created our lives.

We like to believe we’re pretty good at making our own way in the world.

I’m not so sure.

Fact is, most of us live within a days drive of where we grew up, hang out in about the same economic class as the one we grew up in, share the same religious beliefs as the ones we grew up with, etc., etc.

And that’s not a knock on our parents or whoever raised us, they did the same thing.

This is not bad or good either.

It just is.

And it’s really fascinating to look at how similar our lives are to those who went before us.

By taking a good look at what is, we can choose from that place what we want next for our lives.

The challenge is that it’s so easy to fall back into the inherited reality of our lives.

It takes focus to break out of the reality we were given mainly because no one ever told us we were inheriting it. We just did.

It’s not like getting grandpa’s pocket knife where there was a defining moment in time where someone said, “Here’s your grandfather’s knife, he wanted you to have it.”


No one says, “Here’s your grandfather’s (and father’s) belief about money, this is going to affect every decision you make around career, cars, clothes, food, schooling, spouse, you name it, this belief is your reality.”

No one says that because hardly anyone knows they are passing these beliefs on.

Now here’s the good news…

By waking up to this fact, we can choose to recreate our reality and many people do. And, we don’t have to. We could just be ok with what mom and dad and the grand-folks set up for us and what they inherited.

My point here is this…

It’s all made up.

Our lives are pretty absurd and meaningless.

AND, they matter a whole lot to us.

I just think it’s funny… fascinating… comical… absurd… how serious I can be about my life.

Is it just me, Champion, or do you take your life way too seriously too?

Here’s the thing…

You are awesome.

You can create your life and do really amazing things.

You really can be the Champion of your own life.

But you can only do that if you realize that most of how we live is inherited – you’ve got to start with a correct premise.

And like with most things we inherit, it’s not all useful to keep around.

In some cases it can even feel like an obligation to hold onto those things we’ve inherited… it can feel “wrong” to let go of that inherited thing.

My mom collected modern decorative glass vases.

Very few of them are useful other than they are nice to look at… and some of them aren’t even nice to look at – to me. Still, we packed them up brought them home, cleared some space for them and displayed them for the world to see. It felt like the right thing to do.

Then we moved and had to pack the very fragile pieces into a box and figure out where to put them in the next house.

Finally, we’d had enough and I got rid of the guilt around keeping them and we picked a couple we really liked and got rid of others.

Here’s where it gets really crazy…

The world did not stop spinning, my mom’s ghost didn’t come back and haunt me, in fact, nothing happened – nothing. I just got rid of some stuff.

So, Champion, today I give you permission to clean house – get rid of anything you’ve inherited (physical, mental or spiritual) that does not serve you.

Keep only what you truly love and what serves you and what you are up to creating for yourself and your family.

In your corner,


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