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Self Improvement Sucks So Destroy Yourself

I believe we are all born Champions. I believe you were created for greatness. What does that mean? Well, let’s look at a very basic example of something created… something like…hmmmm… how about… a car. Let’s say that a car is created in the mind of an engineer and then “birthed” on the factory floor. […]

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3 Hard Truths Concerning Integrity

An impeccably dressed Englishman was standing in line at an airline reservations counter when a pushy woman cut in front of him, slapped down her ticket, and demanded an upgrade to first class. “Madam,” the Englishman said as he picked up the ticket and pressed it back in her hand, “First Class is not a […]

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Doing vs Being

Doing vs Being KNOWING our identity has ZERO to do with what we do. It’s who we BE. And who we BE was set at the foundation of time. It’s actually NOT up to us. And KNOWING THAT is a huge relief. KNOWING that allows us to relax and let the doing flow through us. […]

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