What You See is Rarely All There Is

I had to stop what I was doing and write this post to you.

Right now I am on the 25th floor of the Grand Waikikian in the Hilton Hawaiian Village on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.

It’s my second time to Hawaii in 2 years.

And the picture you see with this post is from one of our outings on this trip.

That’s not a stock photo, that’s a real picture from my phone.


As I was sitting on the balcony this morning reading, I came across this quote from Booker T. Washington:

“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.”

It would be easy to believe that I just got here without any struggle.

In fact, that would be exactly what your brain and ego want you to think…. that getting here is a straight road with no twists and turns… no struggle.

Why would your brain want you to think that?

Because if that’s true, then success must be hard – perhaps impossible for someone like you – and therefore you can stop trying and go back to a state of comfortably numb.

Our brains and bodies prefer what’s known to what’s unknown.

But here’s the thing…

My life is anything but a string of successes.

In fact, growing up our idea of a vacation was a 3 hour drive to the beach at Jekyll Island or a camping trip on the lake. So for me to be in Hawaii a second time is a big deal.

So what struggles did I have to overcome to get here?

Truthfully, I can’t even remember them all but I’ll list a few:

7th grade – FAILED

10th Grade – FAILED



1995 – 2006 – 25 different jobs trying to “find myself” and survive

1997 – Lived in Mom’s Garage with wife and son

2000 – Nearly lost my marriage

2003 – Car Repo


2003 – Lived in dad’s basement with wife, son and daughter

2006 – Started handyman business with last $26

2008 – Sold half of everything we had, moved across the country to go all in and start new career — during the biggest economic recession in 100 years.

2010 – Broke through $100k mark

2011 – Repeated $100k… and more

2012 – Repeated and still went higher

2013 – Repeated in business but felt lost in other areas of my life. Hired powerful mentors and coaches and got around others on the same path.

2014 – Discovered how to be all I was created to be in every area of life, finally moving beyond success and into significance.

2014 – Called to engage, equip and empower others to RISE UP AND BE ALL THEY WERE CREATED TO BE

2015 – Founded Rise Up Champion Enterprises and began working one-on-one with Champions from all walks of life.

2016 – A call to all Champions to RISE UP and BE ALL YOUR WERE CREATED TO BE!

Quite a list, don’t you think?

Thing is, there’s no way for you to really know all the dark and lonely times where…

…I considered killing myself and just checking out so my wife and kids could get the insurance money and get on with their lives.

…Or the times where I considered changing my identity and just disappearing off the grid and hiding.

…Or the hours I’ve spent settling, sedating and suffering through life instead of just getting on with creating my life.

You see Champion…

… what you see is rarely all there is to the story.

I don’t know why.

Maybe once you get through all that crap you want to just forget about it and focus on possibility.

Maybe because once you figure out you really can take control of your life you’d rather focus on what you can CREATE instead of what you came through.

Then again, maybe it’s just laziness on my part to not slow down enough to tell the real story of going from heartache to living the 7 Principles for Creating a Champion’s Life.

Listen, when you see pictures like the one in this post, just remember that there is a very real backstory – a backstory that has lots of trials, doubts, frustrations and more.

And here’s the really good news:

If anyone can, then anyone can; and if anyone can, you can.

In your corner,

Sean “Coach” McCool

P.S. – I’ve got a free training guide on possibility for you. It’s a short, easy to read pdf that explains the 3 Realms of Possibility. If you aren’t living the life you hoped for by now, then it might be because you are missing out on the 3rd realm of possibility – aka the hidden realm of possibility. To get the free training, go here.

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