Doing vs Being

Doing vs Being

KNOWING our identity has ZERO to do with what we do.

It’s who we BE.

And who we BE was set at the foundation of time.

It’s actually NOT up to us.

And KNOWING THAT is a huge relief.

KNOWING that allows us to relax and let the doing flow through us.

“BUT…” I hear myself ask… “Don’t I have to be doing something?”

Actually, no.

And at the same time, I want to… I am committed to… I can’t help but do amazing, wonderful things precisely because I am so secure in who I was created to BE.

We “Do the Work” (as founder of Wake Up Warrior and my one-time mentor, Garrett J White, likes to say) because we literally don’t have the choice not to do the work. Not because we have to but because the desire to do… to let the BEING out… simply translates to a life of action.

I’m reminded of the verse from Jeremiah chapter 20 verse 9.

“It’s like a fire in my bones! I am worn out trying to hold it in! I can’t do it!”.

And there’s still more to this truth…

When we are tapped into the power source of who we are created to be… we MUST let who we BE out because it’s bigger than us. The doing actually comes THROUGH us.

It might actually be more accurate to say that we become the work.

We “do the work” to reveal who we need to be (and ultimately who we can never be without a power bigger than ourselves working through us).

So I’d have you consider that if you can’t find the strength and stamina to DO, it’s NOT because you are broken or need fixing… it’s simply because you don’t acknowledge or trust who you were created to BE.

And to take it a step further, to let the creator of who you BE work through you as the source of your power.

Think of it like a drill.

A drill is a great tool.

However, without power flowing through it, the drill becomes a very awkward hammer or a very large and expensive paper weight or doorstop.

With the power surging through the drill, it can reveal its true design and power and purpose. The drill becomes a thing of efficiency.

When you stop trying so hard to do through your own power… when you tap into that source of power that is outside yourself and let that power flow through you… THEN you will begin to BE ALL YOU WERE CREATED TO BE.

And when you do, you’ll find your life shifts from success to what we’re all really after… SIGNIFICANCE.

In your corner,

Sean P. McCool
The Champions’ Mentor

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