Understanding the 3 Realms of Possibility

There are three realms of possibility.

Each of these realms offers something to you.

One offers pretty much what you have.

Another offers you a little more.

And the third is where possibility can blow your mind and completely transform your world – literally transform both the way you see the world, the way you experience the world, your relationships in the world and even the physical things you own and acquire in the world.

In fact, to the outside world watching this third realm of possibility unfold in your life, it looks like magic.

Of course, it’s not magic.

And yet, it is magical when you see the results in the lives of those who embrace this third realm of possibility. A realm where few are brave enough to play.

I’d like to demystify this third realm for you today and show you how you can access it easily and often.

Are your ready?

If so, here’s what you’ll want to know…

Realm #1 – Limited Possibility: “What You Know”

This realm offers you the least possibility for change from your current life. This is where most people live and what allows us to experience that “groundhog day” effect in our lives. That sickening feeling of one day feeling oh so much like the next.

When you feel stuck and you don’t know what to do, it’s likely because you are living in this first realm of possibility. You are operating from a place and from a world view of “what you know.”

In other words, you see the world as a place where you solve problems from what you know… you try to create solutions based on what you know. You to try to improve based on what you know.

This is slow, tedious and exhausting.

Fortunately, there’s a better way…

Realm #2 – Linear Possibility: “What You Know You Don’t Know”

Because you’re taking the time to read this post, I’m going to guess that you believe (like most people) that realm two is the part of your life that holds the most potential for possibility.

After all, if you didn’t think so, you’d likely not be reading this right now. And clearly, you are reading this right now.

Realm two offers us considerably more choices and possibility than realm one. And in today’s information rich world full of Google searches, youtube videos and so much more, what we know we don’t know can become what we know in a matter of a few keystrokes.

And yet, the world seems to be more stuck than ever… more lonely than ever… more frustrated than ever.

Isn’t that odd?

Anyway, this realm can be very useful. And it is especially useful for all that how to stuff everyone wants to know about… that technique stuff… that tactics and strategy stuff.

At least 80 % of the stuff in realm two is “Google-able.”

The trouble with this realm is that the information you find here is often tainted. It’s tainted precisely because you already have a belief around it… because you know just enough to know you don’t know… because you have an idea about how it might work and how it might apply to you… otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be searching for it.

There’s nothing wrong with this, it’s just that the potential is limited. It’s more like a linear approach to growth and problem solving.


Because you are working so close to the realm of what you know that what you know you don’t know needs to line up with what you know for you to consider it as a possibility.

So if this isn’t the answer either, then where does the greatest possibility for your life exist?

Great question.

That’s easy… in fact, it’s not even close… the vast majority… 99.9999999999% of the possibility for your life (in every area) exists in…

Realm #3 – Quantum Possibility: “What You Don’t Know You Don’t Know”

This, dear reader, is where the “magic” happens.

If you were to look at what you know (realm one) as planet Earth, and what you know you don’t know (realm two) as our solar system, then what you don’t know you don’t know (realm three) would be the entire universe and what ever else is out there beyond that.

Can you see it?

Can you see how it’s the stuff you don’t even know exists that offers the biggest possibilities for your life?

For instance, as far back as the early 70’s there existed a digital camera that worked pretty much like the one in your smart phone today. Granted the quality wasn’t as good and all that but the basic function was the same – no film or developing required and stored digitally.

Here’s the thing, until maybe 10 or 12 years ago I didn’t even know such a device existed.  And I didn’t know I didn’t know. Yet today I use that camera as a way to communicate with potential and existing clients through Facebook, twitter, Instagram and all these other platforms.

And that communication allows me to run a coaching business in a way that was not even possible 10 years ago.

Let me give you another example in my business…

Four years ago I did not know that I did not know it was possible to find a person that would invest $50,000 to partner with me in their being coached by me one on one.

Then, one day I ran across a book by Steve Chandler that mentioned a guy named Steve Hardisson. And Steve Hardisson was charging $100,000 for a year of one on one coaching calls… as a minimum.

That new possibility completely change the course of my life.

Here’s what I mean…

My only experience with coaching up to that point had been a series of calls with the Denis Waitley team back in 2001. It was around $1,000 for 12 week of calls.

Great calls. Just what I needed. Powerful stuff.

And I thought that was alot of money.

If I had gotten into coaching then and if I had based my coaching practice based on that rate, I would have felt fortunate to be getting $100 per hour – my realm one possibility based on what I knew about one on one coaching at that time.

And, if I kept reading and searching for “how to start and run a coaching business” type ideas…  (what I knew I didn’t know)… then I’d probably have grown my business at 10-20% per year — realm two possibility.

However, by being open to learning and keeping my radar up… and being aware that there’s lots of stuff I don’t know I don’t know… I was able to see the much bigger possibility when it came into my life.

And that difference was a quantum leap from what I “knew” was possible and even what I would’ve thought to ask was possible.

So what!?

How does this apply to YOU and what you are up to in life, dear reader?

I don’t know.

That’s up to you to decide what to do with this new info that you didn’t know you didn’t know.

Here’s what I can offer…

4 Ways to Access More 3rd Realm Possibilities for Your Life:

  1. Read books, magazines, websites you wouldn’t normally read. Watch different channels on TV. Go to a totally random movie you would never pick. Ask that person or family member you don’t like for their favorite book or show then go read or watch it. In other words, force a little serendipity into your life.
  2. Be curious about everything and everyone. Ask lots of really good questions. Be genuinely curious about life and you’ll be amazed at what you didn’t know you didn’t know.
  3. Hire a coach or mentor to help you see what you can’t see and introduce you to what you don’t know you don’t know.
  4. Have faith in something bigger than yourself and trust in what you hear from that.

That’s it.

Don’t overlook the simplicity of this idea. It’s got tremendous power to transform your life in such a way that it will seem like magic to those watching… and probably to you too.




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Erick McCool - Tuesday

“…….so that what is seen, is not made out of what is visible.” (Hebrews 11:3 NIV)

Really like that reading today Sean. I thought about the last part Hebrews 11:3 when I read that, and what you said makes sense. I also like what you said about reading, and being coached, and being curious, and how it is all about seeing what we do not see. And, “Having the faith to believe in something greater than yourself” are words of Gold. Really like that as well. Thanks for your perspective!

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