Self Improvement Sucks So Destroy Yourself

I believe we are all born Champions.

I believe you were created for greatness.

What does that mean?

Well, let’s look at a very basic example of something created… something like…hmmmm… how about… a car.

Let’s say that a car is created in the mind of an engineer and then “birthed” on the factory floor.

Now, let me ask you a very important question… a question which I believe will trigger a crucial distinction for you. And this distinction will open up a whole new world of possibilities for you — if you let it.


Here’s the question:

At what point after the car’s “birth” did it start being able to express it self as a car?

What I mean is… what did it need to DO to become a car after its “birth” at the end of the assembly line?

What’s that? You say the car didn’t have to DO anything to become a car once it was birthed out the end of the assembly line? Really?

How is that possible, dear reader?

Didn’t the car have to go to car class or something to find itself and become a car?

Surely it can’t be that simple.

It must have HAD to DO SOMETHING — I mean it can’t just BE a car!

Sounds ludicrous when I use this example, wouldn’t you agree?

You dear reader were created a Champion.

You ARE a champion.

The challenge is that over the years the world and a whole bunch of well-meaning (and a some not so well-meaning) people and organizations have put so much stuff in your head and in your heart and have played around with your emotions so much that you’ve forgotten you were created to be something amazing on this planet.

What that means to you is that you don’t have to improve yourself…

In fact…

Self Improvement Sucks

What you need to do is destroy all that other stuff people have piled on top of who you were created to be so that the real you can shine.

You don’t want to improve all that stuff that someone else piled on you.

It’s not about improvement.

According to a report on PRNewswire, the self improvement industry is $9.6 billion and yet the world is getting more screwed up by the minute.

What we need is not to improve the current self but to destroy it — or at the very least shed it.

To further the car analogy, it’s like that beautiful new car was rolled off the assembly line ready to BE a car and it’s gets loaded on truck or boat and all people see is the truck or boat. They can’t see the car inside.

Same thing happens to us, Champion… we get loaded into a family and people see that we’re so-and-so’s kid… that we’re from X-ville, USA… we went to Vanilla-U… got a job down at BigCorp… or even if we started our own business, we became known for what we do… not who we are… then we got married and became his wife… or her husband… and then kids… little johnny’s mom/dad… little susie’s mom/dad…grandparent…and on and on it goes.

It never ends.

There will always be a label slapped on your by someone.

And there’s only one way to remove all these labels…

Be so much of yourself that people can’t label you – and by the way, sometimes they’ll dis-lable, i.e., dis-own you when you truly step into the Champion you were created to be.

No worries though.

A whole new world will open up to you and new world of people will love and respect and admire the real you.

THAT is a cool way to BE on this planet.


In your corner,





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