How You See Yourself Tomorrow Creates Your Actions TODAY

Yesterday I was watching one of my favorite shows, CBS Sunday Morning, and saw a great interview with Gloria Estefan.

She has a new Broadway musical coming out about her life as a Cuban immigrant and how she made it in America.

Near the end she says,

“It makes me mad when people say the American Dream is dead.”

She went on to say that this is still the best place to make your dreams come true.

For what it’s worth, I agree.

And I agree because I’ve lived it.

Last week I received my Social Security earnings report and we now earn more in one month than we used to earn in a year 20 years ago. And while prices have increased over that time, for most people, wages have remained fairly stagnant.

You see, the success of your ENTERPRISE is not based on the economy; it’s based on your IDENTITY – who you believe yourself to be.



And how you show up today determines your FITNESS, your personal and spiritual IDENTITY, your RELATIONSHIPS and the success or failure of your ENTERPRISES in the future.

Those four areas make up what I call the F.I.R.E. of life. And you have a way you see yourself in each of these crucial areas of life.

And most people believe that it’s our past that makes us who we are.

However, I’d have you consider it’s not your past that actually defines you… it’s how you see yourself in the future that defines your actions today.

Think about it…

If you saw yourself as the world’s greatest mom, dad, salesman, employee, athlete… I mean REALLY saw yourself this way, your actions would HAVE to be different.

By the way, this started when you were very young.

Your parents, teachers, friends, TV shows, music were all part of telling you who you would become in the future and then you lived into those beliefs.

So, it;s not that your past that defines you… it’s how you see yourself in the future that defines the actions you take today and the actions you take today create your tomorrow.

Here’s the really cool part…

All you have to do is decide to see yourself in a new way.

And then commit to living into that new you.

It’s one of those “simple but not easy” things in life.

One last thing…

This is already at work in your life. This is how things actually work. You can ignore it and keep on letting others define and create your life with their beliefs for you or you can choose to take back control.

Now that you are aware of what’s really going on, you have a choice:

Live into your past future or create a brand new future.

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Justin Tate - Monday

Great stuff Sean!
Thank you for your wisdom.

Reply - Tuesday

    Thanks for the acknowledgement, Justin.

    Dian Angel - Sunday

    Wow! That’s such a huge difference! So much brighter now ???? We’re moving soon and my husband wants to paint the kitchen cabinets, so this post was super helpful.

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