The World Keeps Spinning… thankfully.

Isn’t it interesting to know… to really know… the world keeps on spinning no matter what we say, what we do, or how we show up in life?

Do you feel the power in the certainty that whether or not you’ve got your act together, that whether or not you are being the champion you were created to be… the world keeps on spinning.

Are you seeing how this always-moving-forward world is a good thing?

You see, if the world is moving forward with or without you then that means you can’t break it.

There’s nothing we can do that is going to stop the world from spinning.

We can’t take some huge risk and if it all goes terribly wrong stop the world from spinning.

We can’t break life.

What’s that?

You could break yourself or your own life?

Sure, of course you could. And to you it would seem catastrophic. Yet if you look at your life in the complete picture, you’d see that your life is but one dot in a Seurat painting.

Now, I get that this could be depressing. It could be an opportunity for you to throw up your hands and say, “Well then if nothing I do matters then what’s the use!?”

You could do that. And many people do.

What I hope you see instead is the certainty… the stability… the “you-can-count-on-it-ness” of the world we live in. There’s a certainty that the world will simply carry on no matter how big a fool we might think of ourselves to be in any one moment… no matter how lazy we might have been in the past… no matter what… the world keeps spinning to a new moment, a new hour, a new day, a new week, a new month, a new year… do you see the certainty in that?

I know I’ve missed it before thinking the world was rushing by like a commuter train that I’d missed. Then I realized that, like that commuter train, another opportunity to get back on the ride of life is just a minute or two behind.

There’s probably no better pop culture example of this than Steve Harvey over a 6 month period from ┬áDecember 2015 to April 2016.

In December he infamously announces the wrong winner of the Miss Universe Pageant.

He is humiliated.

Memes fill the interwebz.

He gets death threats from Colombia.

Death threats!

Surely his career is over!

…. yet the world keeps spinning.

And by March he’s doing a national TV commercial making fun of himself making the mistake.

By April, his show “Little Big Shots” is the number one show on TV – one of three shows he’s hosting at the time.

So what’s the point?

Just get out there and be in the game, Champ.

You may fumble, stumble, and even make a complete fool of yourself.

And, you may do just the opposite.

The world may laugh, the world may cry, the world may cheer and the world may not notice at all.

That’s ok. In fact, it’s kinda nice to know that no matter what, the world keeps on spinning.

In your corner,


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